Security National Investors are your Investment Advisers & Portfolio Managers


Once you have your strategic financial plan in place and your risk profile and asset allocation has been determined the investment advice is handed over to the team at Security National Investors (SNI). 


Security National Investors is a corporate Authorised Representative (Car No. 1253389) of Security National Financial Services (AFSL no. 24565).

Security National Investors (SNI) focuses solely on the implementation and ongoing management of your investment portfolio.  We tailor an investment and reporting solution to your needs. SNI uses a combination of bespoke and Managed Account solutions focusing on capital preservation, income and growth strategies.

Our highly educated and awarded investment team have over seven decades of investing experience with a matured internal proprietary research process coupled with a disciplined and robust investment approach.

Our investment philosophy is best described as ‘blending’, utilising a number of approaches correlated to work together aiming to produce consistent returns whilst smoothing out volatility over time. We follow a multi-disciplined approach providing a high level of risk management coupled with strong diversification. We start from a top down position forming a local and global macroeconomic view then employing our deep understanding of investment styles and approaches. At the core of our process is diversification, not only across asset classes but across sectors, investment types and investment styles.

The core investment philosophy of SNI is to preserve capital and to invest in transparent investment structures wherever possible to reduce the cost to client, maximise taxation efficiencies and enable clients to have visibility of the underlying assets in their portfolio.